Fishy Gallery

It’s from 2013 but not dated!

I’m in the process of opening up a studio/gallery at the marvellous Fish Creek in South Gippsland, on the way to Wilson’s Prom. I can work and go fishing when the mood takes me so I’m pretty happy about that! At the moment there are books and cards for sale along with original artwork, with limited edition prints to come. Stay tuned.

Market Day

I’m going to be at the Heide Market this Saturday the 18th. Original framed and unframed artwork, books and vintage RHar! cards for sale. See you there!

My new book ‘On the River’ is finished and should be in the bookstores next month. Look out for it!

On the River


Busy working on my latest book about the Murray River. Nearly finished!

This year marks SIXTY years since I created my first book, THIRTY years since I published my first book, and ONLY TWO WEEKS until my first exhibition. All your favourite hits from the 80s, 90s and noughties. Original artworks, roughs, sketches, stamps, posters. Be there!

Hooray! Click on this link to find out more about it:

…IVANHOE GRAMMAR (who we used to BEAT at football (but does THAT matter, really?).
WHAT A GREAT SCHOOL! Pity about the kids though. Great teachers. Great visiting authors.

We talked about a few things like faces, and perspective and the History of Medicine. And a few of the recent books like “At the Beach” and “In the Bush” plus the new one: “ON the FARM” with Uncle Kev. That comes out in November,
just in time for shearing.

Last week I went to WARRAGUL, to St Paul’s. What a good school. Thanks, Mary.