About Me

I was born in Melbourne and have been creating books ever since I was a child. More than 60 of them are real books and you can even buy some of them in bookshops or on the internet.hoss-signature

I really enjoy watching people at work and at play. Many of the characters in my illustrations are based on people I’ve seen, and sometimes my friends find themselves doing strange things in my books. It’s their fault for being my friends.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and some of the scenes from At the Beach and In the Bush are from real life. I really did make kelp sandals like the ones in At the Beach for my son, James! As they dried, they shrank until they were just doll-size.

I think learning and laughter go together really well. That’s why I created Sick As and My Place In Space. I have lots of ideas for other books like them.

Sometimes I write and illustrate a book, but I also illustrate books written by other people. If I have a good idea, I’ll sometimes ask someone else to write the words to go with my pictures. That’s usually because it is outside my experience.

I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas. The world is such an interesting place where lots of funny things happen. I’ll be sharing new ideas through this website, so come back again soon.